The Features of the PSP Go

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The newest release of Sony's gaming portables is the PSP Go, disclosed in Q4 of 2009 at the E3 show. The PSP Go features are significantly different to previous machines in the range, and come together to supply a fashionable and practical differentiation to the existing line.

The initial, and probably most talked about, of the PSP Go features to vary from classic models is the lack of the UMD drive. Previous models have made use of this media outlet for both games and videos, but the PSP Go drops it completely. In its place, Sony want all software on the PSP Go to be transfered onto the sixteen GB of built in memory. This brave move will be allowed by the PS store, which is compiling a vast library of titles and films to be made available with the PSP Go features.

The previously discussed 16 GB of memory is flash based, and can be increased to 32 GB with a memory stick micro. This PSP Go feature delivers a vast stock of memory so players will not be stuck for room. The screen is slightly reduced since the PSP 3000, but presents a much more focussed display at 480x272 pixels. The compact screen shelf is pressed upwards to reveal the buttons and d-pad, which also includes an analogue stick as before.

31S4uqx7XaL. SL160  The Features of the PSP Go

The PSP Go keeps all the fundamental features of its progenitor, including wi-fi functioning and access to the PS store both individually or through a PS3. Sony are aiming to make all previous UMDs available through the store, and game-players can also find 'Minis', a new range of less expensive titles from classic ranges like Megaman and Tetris.

So that's a quick introduction to the PSP Go features. The console retains the established feel and features of the progenitor, while presenting a fresh new finish and inventive media capacities. Sony have said that solely downloading titles is the dream for all games in the long run, and the PSP Go is preparing the ground for a new step in gaming history.

Check Out The Latest Final Fantasy 13 Trailer Now!

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Recently the Internet saw the debut of the first fully English Final Fantasy 13 trailer. It was revealed as part of distributor Square Enix's 'lucky 13' project, in which they have vowed to reveal fresh data and promos on the 13th of every month leading up to release of the game.

As the title is due to hit western soil on March 9th 2010, this fresh Final Fantasy 13 trailer is to be the penultimate promo we receive, before February's final 'lucky 13' day. As already discussed, this comprises the first full trailer in which the cast are totally voiced by English speaking talent. We've been treated to leaked pieces of their voices here and there, but this Final Fantasy 13 trailer delivers the full show.

Motomu Toriyama, the director of Final Fantasy 13, has stated that the English copy of the title is now nearly complete, with just final mastering sessions to see to. As anticipation tops new heights, Square Enix are content to drip feed us info in their infamous style. This latest Final Fantasy 13 trailer also includes the English theme song, performed by Leona Lewis. The producers are clearly eager to make use of all of the big names when it comes to this project.

And so with a while yet before the title crashes into our lives, this latest Final Fantasy 13 trailer is ideal to keep you on the edge of your seat a while longer. Packed full of the gorgeous visuals we've come to expect from Square Enix, along with displays of amazing gameplay, it looks like the long, long wait is definitely worthwhile!

When To Use Playstation 3 Cheat Codes

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There are lots of sites online that promote Playstation 3 cheat codes. Playstation 3 Cheat codes are commonly employed to assist with a particular level, making the title easier to finish. They can make your heroes powerful and more talented. Alternatively, if its a racing title for instance, you can also slow down the enemy cars on the course.

Playstation 3 cheat codes, if overused, could make the game pretty boring. Certain games may ask you to complete achievements to earn PS trophies, and Playstation 3 cheat codes are an ideal way to unravel more pesky tasks.

There is no risk in using Playstation 3 cheat codes with your favorite games, it'll just make things easier and wont create any problems for your console. These are supposed to make playing games easier and more pleasurable, but I recommend that Playstation 3 cheat codes be employed as a last resort, or with a title you've already completed. This is because you could miss out on some brilliant challenges and rewarding gameplay.

Conversely, Playstation 3 cheat codes can be a great and rewarding supplement to any game. Multiplayer games in particular frequently benefit from fun codes, such as 'big heads' and 'paint ball' options for a FPS. They deserve to be employed to add extras to your games, not to go around whole levels of it because you're fearful of a little graft! So go on and search for some Playstation 3 cheat codes to add a little bit of additional fun to your games!

How To Make The Sony Playstation 3 More Affordable

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Many people are looking for the best Sony PS3 deals in the market today. It will be a good bet to say that even devout Microsoft 360 gamers are considering owning a PS3 console.

Who wouldn't want to own a Sony Playstation 3, after all? It's a superb computer game system that's capable of so many things. With enough processing power to actually scare jail officials into outlawing PS3 units in numerous jails all over the country because a learned convict can basically dismantle the same and create a tool tough enough to bring down the whole penal system, the Sony PS3 is truly a work of art. Not only is it able to play the most technologically advanced games today, the console is also a multimedia beast that will store and play movies and music, scan the web, and stream photos for your eyes to enjoy.

The set-back: the Sony Playstation 3 is the least affordable console on the market. With a $400 price tag, as of this writing, the Sony PS3 is way beyond the budget of most casual buyers.

Thus, the high demand for amazing Sony PS3 deals. Here are a few tips on how to take the sting out of that hefty price tag.

- Wait for sales. As a general rule, retail multinationals conduct a sale per quarter. When the computation for these quarters start is where retail conglomerates change. It is safe to say, however, that sales should be predicted by the end of summer and right around October, just before the Christmas season starts. Sales may not present the best Sony PS3 deals possible, as Sony itself has stayed firm on the price tag for the system.

41%2B7ijf43jL. SL160  How To Make The Sony Playstation 3 More Affordable

- Try the secondary market. The Sony PS3 is a particularly hardy machine. There are no 3RLs or E74s here. A second hand PS3 is almost certain to be in good working condition. Additionally, you can find glorious Sony PS3 deals in the second hand market and you can even get a unit for 20% of its original cost.

- Use vouchers. Studies indicate that, if folks would only use the vouchers found in newspapers, mags and store circulars, they can save up $2,000 every year. Collect the acceptable coupons and stop waiting for the best Sony PS3 deals to come your way. Instead, make your own Sony PS3 deals via coupons!

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Sony Playstation 3 Backwards Compatability To Return?

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For many gamers, Sony's biggest sin is removing PS2 backward compatibility from PS3 consoles. This wasn't like the Xbox 360's backward compatibility with Xbox games which was emulation-powered, therefore, subject to compatibility issues. Backward compatibility with PS2 games for PS3 consoles was perfect.

This feature was removed progressively. Newer models introduced limited backward compatibility which was software-powered. The models after that removed backward compatibility altogether.

And PS3 owners - particularly owners of more modern PS3 consoles - were left asking why. Sony countered with the fact that all PS3 models are still backwards compatable with PS1 games. However, the running quality of this feature is tempestuous at best, with many games running slower or with reduced quality, and some not running altogether.

Late in June 2009, Playstation game sites received reports of PS2 backward compatibility possibly coming back for PS3 consoles. Adding fuel to the fire is an earlier report about Sony conducting a survey regarding what fans wish to be included in the God of War III collector's edition. One of the selections : the first two games of the series. This right away led straight to speculation that, indeed, backward compatibility is in the works for PS3 consoles.

Hold your horses, however. It's still too soon to say for certain that backward compatibility is indeed returning to the Sony Playstation 3. For starters, what if such a patent-protected system only allows PS3 consoles to play downloaded PS2 games? This suggests that our PS2 discs will never see the light of day on PS3 consoles. Even if we own those games, we still need to download them from the Playstation Store to be able to play them on our PS3 units.

However, a likelihood is still better than an impossibility, and would open up further options to Sony Playstation 3 owners. With no definite answer right now, watch this space!

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Sony PSP Hacks To Check Out!

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We all know the amazing things that the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) can do. The PSP is a multimedia beast able to play a number of audio and video files, store and display pictures of numerous file types, and even skim the web with a built-in browser and glorious wi-fi connectivity. Synch it with your Sony Playstation 3 and you may have a remote control for the latter and by remote, we mean really remote, like your PS3 unit being in Sacramento and you can control it from Singapore while using your PSP.

And the Sony PSP can also play games, least we forget. These points are given, however. They're not actually what we can consider as Sony PSP hacks.

Looking for PSP hacks that are certain to impress your buddies including yourself?

Here are 3 great PSP hacks that not all PSP owners know about.

1. Watch any video file on your Sony PSP. Originally, the Sony PSP could only play video files in .mp4 format. What do you have to do? Simply go to and download their free tool. After conversion, simply upload the new .mp4 file to your Sony PSP. You need a memory card for this to house the space required by the file. 4GB cards are really cheap nowadays, but you can always go for the better investments if you have the cash to spare, specifically the 8GB and the 16GB memory cards.

2. Play classic colonnade games on your Sony PSP. This isn't really a PSP hack, rather, it's a awfully obscure feature integrated on PSP units since firmware 2.70. You may opt to save other flash games, not just representations of classic ones. You will need Firefox for this, as Internet Explorer won't allow you to download the .swf files from webpages. Now, for this pseudo PSP hack to work, you will need to connect your unit to a PC through USB cable. Create a folder named GAMES. On the address bar, simply type file:/psp/flash/ ( name of file ) .swf, and voila, you'd be playing the flash game in no time!

3. RSS Aggregator. For folk who need to receive their news in condensed form, this is the perfect PSP hack. Simply download a program called MioMediaBox and install it on your PSP. MioMediaBox will pick up RSS feeds from designated sources and convert them into texts that the PSP can display

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Great Upcoming Titles For Sony Playstation 3

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2008 was a superb year for the Sony PlayStation 3. After three years of being beaten up by its competitors, the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360, the PS3 rebounded with robust exclusives and verified hits like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet.

What's in store for the Sony Playstation 3 in the months to come? Will the schedule of PS3 releases continue the momentum established by the company in 2008? Will the rest of 2009, and even 2010, be the period when Sony regains the throne it was compelled to surrender and actually realize some profit for their video game console? Here's a look at what we have to look forward to;

1. God of War III. Of all of the PS3 releases forthcoming, this is the surest hit. Kratos is too much of a tough guy to be considered as a mascot, and his journeys aren't always what we can consider as 'wholesome'. Nevertheless, God of War III is THE PS3 release that is destined to sell a large amount of games and units alike.

2. DC Universe online . Think of a constant world where you may either hero or villain, interacting with other real players playing popular characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the likes. It's a PS3 release worth waiting for.

3. Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves. The first Uncharted was a sleeper hit for Sony. The second one will be 20 times better, and with multi-player action to boot.

4. EyePet. This PS3 release will be a do or die for the EyeToy peripheral. The last ( and only ) game that employed the accessory was Eye of Judgment. Will a virtual pet-style title be sufficient to make the peripheral a sound investment for PS3 owners?

5. Gran Turismo 5. Presuming it is released. As it stands, GT5 should have been delivered two years ago.

Keep your eyes peeled for these great titles and many more, coming to the Sony Playstation 3 soon!

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5 Awesome Upcoming Playstation 3 Games

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What are the Sony PlayStation 3 games to keep a look out for in 2009-2010?

1. God of War 3. Kratos is coming back for the last adventure - so asserts Sony. Expect Kratos' last adventure, and ironically his first on the PS3, to bump the boundaries of what the console can do.

2. Trico. Think of the first Ico mixed with Shadows of the Colossus and you will get an idea of what this game is all about. Trico features a boy who, rather than cooperating with a damsel in distress, has to work with a giant half-breed of a cat and a bird. Scaling the giant half-breed is much akin to scaling the titans of Shadows of the Colossus, only this time, you will be climbing the body of a buddy rather than a foe.

3. Metal Gear Solid : Rising. Not actually an exclusive, but serious news however. The latest installment in the MGS franchise will incorporate Raiden - who became an instant fan favorite in MGS4 by having his entire body transformed into cybernetic parts so that he can become a badass ninja.

4. The most surprising announcement in E3 2009, Final Fantasy XIV is coming in 2010. It's a Sony PS3 exclusive and it will be an MMORPG, very similar to Final Fantasy XI.

5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Uncharted 2 is the melting pot of many Playstation 3 games, and even some Xbox 360 titles. It features the exploratory and platforming elements of Tomb Raider, the cover system of Gears of War, the environments of MGS4, and the multiplayer excitement of Killzone two. Sold!

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Should You Buy An Xbox360 Or A PS3?

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We are in the age of the following generation of consoles, and it's quite a battle between Microsoft's highly strong Xbox 360 and Sony's equally impressive PlayStation 3. Which console has a cleared path to victory? Which is a better investment for consumers? Which can provide the best gaming experience possible?

Let's face it, these gaming consoles don't come inexpensive. And in the face of a worldwide recession, we are going to want the best price for our cash. So, which machine will be worth our hard earned dough? The Xbox360 or the PS3?

Alas, the solution to that query relies on five key points that each zealous gamer is troubled about.

1. Which machine has a deeper game catalogue? Games outline game machines, not the opposite. Quality, of course, is more crucial than quantity, but a console that has one hundred games has better possibilities of getting more quality games than a console which has fifty games. When it comes to the range of the game library, the Xbox360 is the definitive winner. Having been released a year prior to the PS3, the Xbox360 has been able to amass quite a number of exclusive titles. WINNER: Xbox 360.

2. Which console offers a more rewarding online experience? Basically, this is a bout between Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. The distinction between them is clear, yet a definite winner is difficult. Xbox Live offers a smooth, optimized multi player experience. The Playstation Network is said to be quite laggy. Xbox Live hosts more demos and freebies than its opposite number. Though the Playstation Network has developed a 2nd Life social networking, avatar-based game called Home, the Xbox Live has locked down partnerships with a slew of digital distributors that will stream content for Xbox360 owners. The most important point here though, is that Playstation Network is totally free, whereas Xbox Live costs quite a considerable amount for monthly upkeep. Considering this, the small technicalities of Playstation Network's occassional lag can definitely be overlooked. WINNER: Playstation 3.

3. Which console is more reliable? The PS3 is known as a particularly durable machine. There are even rumors that the Eastern engineers who test drove the PS3 had it play continuously inside a sauna bath… and the unit fared extraordinarily, well. The Xbox360 is afflicted by endless reports of blunder codes involving three red lights - infamously known as 3RL - which suggest general hardware failure that will render the console unplayable. Though Microsoft has attempted to fix the situation by extending the Xbox 360's warranty to an unique three years, the PS3 is the current console that delivers uninterrupted gaming delight. If you need to play confidently about your console, go for the PS3. WINNER: Playstation 3.

4. Which console is more affordable? As of this writing, the Xbox360 Arcade package costs $199, and the base package costs $299. The Playstation 3 80GB costs $399 and Sony refuses to implement a price cut, saying that they already lose $307 for every unit sold since production of the PS3 is quite pricey. WINNER: Xbox360.

Based on the 4 areas of doubt debated above, there is no definitive winner as both consoles have pros and cons which must be considered.

But the more important question is : is which points discussed mean more to you as a consumer. Consider these and you will no doubt find your answer.

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How Best To Grab a Free Playstation 3!

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Who wouldn't wish to score a free PS3? The PlayStation 3 is, with small debate, this generation's strongest computer gaming console. Many say that it's the most functional as well, as it doubles as a cost-friendly blu-ray disc player, effectively giving you both a gaming and multi-media package all in one.

Unfortunately, this means the Sony Playstation 3 is also the most costly gaming console in the market today. Therefore, the prospect of scoring a free PS3 becomes even more attractive.

How are you to get a free PS3? Here are 4 methods you can try.

1. Join online contests. Many sites sponsor contests that give away free PS3 units, among other prizes. Most of these sites secure their PS3 prizes from Sony itself. Each quarter, Sony releases review copies of the console to highly visited gaming-related internet sites. A few of these websites use these review copies to generate more visitors for their pages, i.e. sponsoring contests that promise the free PS3 as the main prize. Finding such contests is quite straightforward with aid from a search engine.

2. Join offline contests. Sony also provides review copies of the console to print publications. Gaming magazines, for instance, hold monthly contests that reward the winner with a free PS3, among other possible prizes. You can find some luck in joining any of these offline contests.

3. Try affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing requires you to plug the products of a selected merchant using a specially generated associate link which may track referrals and credit them to your account. Each time an individual you referred purchases something from the merchant, you may earn a stated commission. This commission can be in the shape of money, or in the shape of store credits. With no regard for what form the commission will take, you may use the same to get a free PS3. Affiliate marketing does not require lots of work, just the right implementation of correct web marketing strategies.

4. Attempt to secure a review copy. Earlier, we have debated how online and offline publications manage to secure review copies of the console by virtue of the large volume of traffic they generate or the huge readership they can boast of. You can secure your own free PS3 if you have your own gaming-related internet site or if you publish your own newspaper or magazine. The challenge, for an internet site, is to garner at least 10,000 unique visitors every day. The challenge, for print publications, is to gather a mean of 10,000 readers per revealed issue. You will need to burst through these numbers to win Sony's attention so the company can send over a free PS3!

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