RPGs for the PSP

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As Sony's PSP begins its promised 'comeback year', it seems one element the handheld is looking to improve upon is the number of RPGs available to the system. These have always been a little thin on the ground, and the demand from RPG fans across the globe seems to have been answered in part. The following games aren't strictly RPGs per say, but do their best to cram in as many elements from the genre as they can;

Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?: More an action adventure game than an RPG, prinny makes it onto our list in that it ties into the SRPG (Strategy Roleplaying Game) world of Disgaea, as players take on the role of one of the many Prinnies. Prinnies are small, penguin-like comedic characters with a penchant for mischief. Don't let the cute image fool you though, these guys can fight, and you're going to need a lot of skill to take on the hordes of evil coming your way. Utilising a fighting scarf that can chain together multiple combos, you have a set time limit in which to complete specific areas and beat the game- fast, intense fun!

Class Of Heroes: A dungeon crawler game that harks to the many MMORPGs of the age, this game is all about character customization and creating a skilled and diverse team. You must take into account: gender, race, and alignment(good, neutral, evil) before breaking down further into classes, which include everything from Clerics to Ninjas. With a massive range of possibilities and combinations, this game provides great replay value as you construct a master team of motley powers!

Phantasy Star Portable: The main attraction to this game is the multiplayer experience it brings, which is quite unprecedented for the PSP. It features in-depth character customization, traditional exploratory elements and RPG style combat along with leveling up. This game definitely provides one of the most faithful and cutting edge RPG experiences available to the handheld medium, and coupled with the multiplayer capabilities this game is arguably the most important release of the year for the PSP.

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