Shadow of the Colossus Movie?

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Yes, it seems Hollywood can’t keep their hands off video games still. After a string of video game titles in the early 00’s, which were largely criticised, some flopped after release and more went straight to DVD, the seminal Shadow of the Colossus is to be made into a film. Oh no…

Shadow of the Colossus was one of THE must have games of the PS2 era. There wasn’t much story to it, the basic story was to save what appeared to be a princess by slaying a range of Colossi in a mysterious land. Each Colossus had a certain tactic as to how to defeat it and this was one of the great appeals of the game. As well as this, the game had the most breathtaking graphics seen on the PS2 as well as one of the most detailed, the Colossi themselves where the most detailed characters in the game with details right down to the hair.

This is the main reason why there are so many reservations as to why some one would want to make Shadow of the Colossus into a film. The story present in the game was excellent, but it was simple, intriguing and in the end deceitful with its plot twist. But there isn’t much to go on to turn it into a film. Yes they have a beginning and an end, but the middle just consists of finding the particular Colossus, riding your horse there and then slaying the Colossus. That’s it.

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However, Justin Marks, who is adapting the story for the screen and wrote the new Chun-Li film, believes it can be turned into a Lord of the Rings style fantasy blockbuster, and will expand upon the minimalistic story.

Ideally, this game will never be made into a film, but like most great games out there, there seems to be a place in Hollywood for them, and Shadow of the Colossus will join a list of great games that are being made into films, like Gears of War, Halo and Metal Gear Solid. Lets hope they manage to pull it off and create a magnificent film.

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Silent Hill Remake

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Konami have announced that Silent Hill, originally released on the PlayStation, will be remade for the Wii, PS2 and the PSP and will go under the new name of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

The Wii has had many remakes from previous generation consoles and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is another one to add to the ever growing list. Developers seem to believe that the Wii’s advanced control system can reinvigorate new life into previously released games that if remade on the PS3 or Xbox 360 would just look more prettier. Is it a good idea? Well it seems to be working for Nintendo and it allows people to pick up games they may have missed and play them with a more intuitive control system.

Back to Silent Hill, Shattered Memories is not a direct port of the original, with approachable characters that respond differently and can be found in different places, and new clues and game paths can be found and followed, almost leading to a new experience for players. The Wii version will make full use of the WiiMote in really novel ways – the WiiMote takes the role of playing both your phone and torch, as well as being used to pick up, manipulate and examine items to solve puzzles. The WiiMote being used as a torch in the game is a master stroke and will add a level of tension when you are exploring around with Harry Mason, the lead character, until something unexpected happens and you have to change to a weapon!

It may be another remake, but Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, looks like it may be one of the best remakes to date, more so the Wii version. Look out for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories this Autumn and will be available for the Wii, PS2 and PSP.

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