Burn Zombie Burn

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The latest addition to Sony’s PlayStation Store, Burn Zombie Burn is a deeply addictive game. It much resembles Bizarre Creation’s Geometry Wars and House Marque’s Super Stardust HD in that you face waves of numerous enemies. The only difference is instead of different coloured geometric shapes or asteroids and spaceships, you have to shoot yourself through hordes of zombies!

The basic principle is you have to survive as long as possible by shooting zombies and getting a high multiplier to increase the points you get from each zombie. Sounds easy, yeah? Well there is a slight twist. You do not get multiplier points for killing a certain amount of zombies. No, you get multipliers from burning zombies! You have to set alight zombies with your flaming plank of wood and then blow some zombie brains.

This neat twist by developers Kuju, adds a new element to the game that is not seen in geometry wars or Super Stardust HD. In order to get huge scores, you need to have a group of zombies set alight to get your multiplier up and shoot none burning zombies to get maximum points and drop health pick-ups. Ok that’s fair enough. But burning zombies are much faster and hit harder so much be avoider, and they drop much better goodies but when you kill them your multiplier goes down and you get less points. So when playing you must have a constant balance of burning zombies and normal zombies. This intuitive gameplay element makes this game hugely entertaining, challenging and massively addictive, without it Burn Zombie Burn would be another arcade-style shooter.

As in any zombie shooter, its all about what weapons you have to kill the deadly horde of brain eating zombies. So in the zombie repellent case we have the default pistol and burning plank of wood. As the waves progress, you unlock machine guns, shotguns, TNT, chainsaws, baseball bats, cricket bats, flame-throwers, a brain gun (to distract zombies) and lawnmowers, yes lawnmowers, one of the most effective weapons to plough through a horde of zombies. The more you use each weapon, the more combo points you gain for that weapon. Once you attain 3 combo points for any mixture of weapon you can press a button in the map which will either make it start raining and puts out burning zombies, but increases your score, or sends the zombies into a crazy zombie dance.

Burn Zombie Burn has several two game modes arcade and challenge mode with each having freeplay, timed and defend daisy modes. The first two modes are self explanatory. The Defend Daisy mode sees you defend your girlfriend Daisy who is sitting in your car. You have to keep the zombies away, with burning zombies heal her, but do more damage and you have to keep the TNT away from her as that can hurt her too.

Burn Zombie Burn has a very polished feel to it, and looks brilliant with its cartoon graphics and it’s main protagonist straight from the 1950’s. Burn Zombie Burn sees mindless arcade shooting mixed with strategy and this mix works wonderfully, Kuju really have nailed it perfectly. The weapons, while some are standard zombie killers, are fun and inventive, especially the lawnmower and the various bats. Overall this is a great game to play to blow off some steam and doesn’t need to be taken seriously, unless your after those big scores.

Score: 8 / 10

Burn Zombie Burn is available on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3.

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Star Trek D-A-C

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Following the release of the highly anticipated new Star Trek film by J.J Abrams, it is clear it is not a continuation from the last Star Trek film Nemesis, which was the last voyage of the Next Generation crew, but instead a reboot of the franchise from the beginning. It will not try and remake classic Star Trek films like The Wrath of Khan, it is instead a Star Trek in an alternate reality.

So what does this have to do with games? Well, as most blockbuster action films come with video games so does the new Star Trek film, Star Trek D-A-C.

Star Trek D-A-C is simple top down space game based on J.J Abrams aforementioned movie reboot of the series. It pitches the Federation against the Romulan Empire. Star Trek D-A-C allows you to choose between three ships, each with its own unique abilities that can help turn the tide of war. On offer are nimble fighters, powerful bombers and the almighty flagships. The new, sleek looking U.S.S Enterprise is available to Starfleet commanders.

star trek dac cover 01 Star Trek D A C

The game features three modes of play, singleplayer, online multiplayer and online co-op. For each individual mode there are a further three more game types, Assault, Conquest and Team Deathmatch.

Star Trek D-A-C is not like most film-based video games. The film-based video games have a similarly “big budget” as there film counterparts do, though not usually the same scale. Film-based games try to have a side story to the film and try to enhance on what the film did in the theatre. Examples of these are the newly released X-Men Origins: Wolverine game and the upcoming Terminator Salvation game. Star Trek D-A-C is completely different. First off, Star Trek D-A-C is not available in stores but instead available for download through the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network services. Secondly, it looks to not have the budget these games tend to carry with them, which isn’t a bad thing. The top down 2d approach, similar in style to an RTS type game, works for Star Trek D-A-C. The not too fancy graphics also work, the lack of story to “complement” the film is also a good thing.

So your thinking there is nothing much too it then? Well yes, it is an incredibly simple game. Up to 6 people per side battle it out in a the depths of space. The game is classed as being 2D, but really it is played from a perspective that makes it look 2d. The game does, however, play on a 2D plane, which limits vertical movement, but in the background the developers have managed to create a sense of depth to the game, with lots of activity going on in the background. All the ships are rendered in 3D, and will even tilt when turning, other objects like space stations and asteroids are also in 3D.

star trek dac screen 01 Star Trek D A C

Star Trek D-A-C is not a master revision of any Star Trek games, mainly because there aren’t many good ones worth remaking, like the movie it comes from, nor is it a mastery revision of film-based video games. It is just a simple space combat shooter that takes influence from the new film, and so far it’s the only game where you can control the new U.S.S Enterprise! And that’s what makes it stand out from the rest. On a last note, Paramount Digital Entertainment have kept what the D-A-C stands for a tight secret and will announce what it means later. Have any guesses? Ours would be on the lines of the three game types, Deathmatch, Assault and Conquest, boring yes so lets hope it means something better!

Star Trek D-A-C is out this month initially for the Xbox 360 via the Live Arcade service, and will be released later for the PlayStation 3 via PSN and PC.

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3 Top PSN Games You Must Own

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The PlayStation Network, Sony's free version the Xbox Live, does not have nearly as much content as Xbox Live's Acrade store. But, that doesn't mean to say it hasn't got it's share of awesome games, Here are three that will definitely impress.

#3: Echochrome

Puzzle games rarely offer something that isn't unique, and Echochrome follows this trend brilliantly. When playing Echochrome, prepare to be presented with a series of puzzles, which may or may not be optical illusions. So be warned!

The basic principle of the game is to navigate a small mannequin through each level and gather echoes. Each level is floating in a fathomless white space with thin lines representing paths. On the paths lie black holes, and falling through these may or may not take you to where you intended to go. As I mentioned before, the game uses optical illusions and therefore it is difficult to tell where a hole will take you, so if you fall through the floor into infinity, you lose.

The game features 52 levels, along with a map editor for you to create your own maps and share them online. This is a must have on your PS3 hard drive!

#2 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Tekken has long been hailed as one of the best fighting games ever. So what happens when Sony port the PlayStation 2 game Tekken 5 to the PS3? You get a simple yet engaging Tekken fighting game in beautiful high definition.

The game offers all the modes that were found in the PS2 version, as well as an all-new online multiplayer mode and a Ghost Mode, which pits you against a series of NPC's with random ranks and abilities. The variety of such as mode as this is welcome and so is the ability to take the currency you earn from the mode to buy accessories for customizing your characters.

If your a fighting fanatic you cannot miss out on this opportunity, and if your new to the series, there is no better place than to start here and experience Tekken.

#1: WipeOut HD

Ever since the announcement of the PS3 people have wanted a new WipeOut. Fans got their wish, WipeOut HD.

Sci-fi racers are a rare breed in games and have been done to varying success. The WipeOut Series has been the outstanding franchise in the genre and this continues with WipeOut HD. Essentially, WipeOut HD is a remake of the classic PlayStation original, remade with slicker high definition graphics, and boasts both singleplayer and online multiplayer. The singleplayer mode incorporates a career system where the game speed and the AI difficulty increase with progression.

WipeOut runs at an amazing 60-frames-per-second, and is an awesome ship-racing game that is even more beautiful in motion. The sheer sense of speed the game creates makes you think you are travelling at speeds near to 500kph. Whether you have never played a WipeOut game in your life or are a veteran to the series, WipeOut will blow you away!