The Gloves Are On!

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How many of you remember the boxing title Ready 2 Rumble? perhaps not many, but it was in fact one of the best dreamcast launch titles back in 1999. Shortly afterwards the game was released on the PS2 and N64 to decent critical acclaim. Now the game is set for another reinvention as the Nintendo Wii plans to release Ready 2 Rumble: Revolutuion.

Ready 2 Rumble was such a popular game due to its emphasis on precision and timing, emulating the actual sport of boxing by favouring skill over brute punches like earlier games. Shoulder buttons were specifically given over to ducking and weaving, creating a skilled and precise gameplay element. Successful consecutive blows would charge up your rumble meter, which wehn fully powered could be used to launch a devastating knockout punch.

Where the Wii version really intends to progress is in the use of the motion controls. Atari's game still places heightened emphasis on skill, and so linking this factor with the ability to use the nunchuk and controller should give rise to a pretty intense and challenging game. A few fun extras have been added, such as the chance to create your own personal boxer, with new features and parts being unlocked as the game progresses. Also returning are the training and exercise mini games used to enhance your boxer between fights.

All this leads us to be quietly excited about this new Wii title. The original Ready 2 rumble games were unheralded yet impressively technical games, and the sheen that Nintendo Wii will add to proceedings should no doubt create a perfect boxing package, something that's been missing from the gaming scene for quite some time now.

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