Top Xbox 360 games of 2009

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The Xbox 360 is still arguably the most popular next gen console out there, mainly due to an impressive array of exclusive titles found only on that console, and Microsoft's ability to flash enough cash to buy titles previously exclusive to other systems, such as Final Fantasy. With this dominant approach, the Xbox 360 continues to offer a range of great games. Nearly halfway through the year, we list the three most impressive games to emerge on the system thus far;

#3: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

We covered this game in an earlier preview, and Dark Athena is certainly enjoying the praise it deserves. Not only a sequel but also more of an expansion, this title features a port of the original Butcher Bay Riddick game, adding new content and a multiplayer option that the fans were crying out for. This game is undoubtedly one of the best movie-based games ever released.

#2: Halo Wars

Probably one of the most well loved gaming franchises in the world, Halo continues to dominate even as the developers, Bungie, break into new ground. Halo wars is the first game in the franchise to break away from the First person Shooter genre, instead playing as a real time strategy game. It's art style is unique, combat is intriguingly diverse, and it's singleplayer campaign should be pretty interesting as well for fans of the series looking for answers. This expands the Halo universe even further and is a must have for fans of the series.

#1: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Serving as a prequel to the wildly popular Star Ocean franchise, The Last Hope was eagerly anticipated by fans the world over. From developers Square Enix, this title was always going to be a deep, emotional and gorgeous game to play. Bringing the entire galaxy to bear in an adventure which will pit your RPG skills against a host of galactic enemies, Star Ocean: The Last Hope does everything you'd expect from a Square Enix game, and does it with style and beauty.

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Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is a new videogame causing quite a storm in the community, with some claiming it just may well be the best videogame adaptation of movie material of all time. This title is the sequel to Escape From Butcher Bay, which was a first-person action game originally released on the Xbox, then later ported to the PC with additional content and features. There are many reasons the game was so well received, the first being that it carefully balanced it's action between shooting, stealth, and exploration to perfection. The breathtakingly detailed visuals married with an in depth and involving storyline made for a great game. However, one major flaw was present- no multiplayer, and in a first person shooter that is almost unforgivable. Suffice to say, Dark Athena is set to right this wrong.

The story picks up where Butcher Bay left off, as Riddick and bounty hunter Johns drift across space in cryostasis. Eventually Riddick's vessel is captured by the pirate ship Dark Athena. Riddick awakens and escapes, but Johns is taken aboard and held captive. With only a makeshift weapon in the form of the captain's hairpin, Riddick must use stealth and intelligence in order to escape.

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At this point, a few gameplay elements are introduced. The first is that of puzzle solving, as the firearms on Dark Athena feature ID tags, as in Metal Gear Solid 2, so that they will only fire for their official owner. In order to eliminate certain obstacles, such as windows, Riddick can drag bodies and use them to fire the gun. This can also be done for the purpose of a gunfight.

Speaking of gunfights, Dark Athena places a much larger emphasis on this element of gameplay than Butcher Bay. Several new functions have been introduced ranging from simultaneous use of cover and firepower, a number of contextual weapons to use, and the ability to control various mechs.

Dark Athena improves on the original game in every conceivable way, providing a much more controlled and polished title. For fans of the Riddick films and character, this title is a must, expanding the franchise with stylish and involving gameplay and storylines.

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