Chop Til You Drop!

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The original Dead Rising was initially released the decent critical acclaim on the Xbox 360, intended as a system exclusive. The game revolved around a worldwide zombie pandemic, during which your character, Frank West, finds himself trapped inside a shopping mall infested with zombies. Frank must basically survive the game whilst using pretty much anything he can get his hands on to assist his fight. Ahead of a preposed sequel in the near future, Dead Rising is being ported to the Nintendo Wii and named Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

Playing pretty much like a game version of the Dawn of the Dead movie (although developers were keen to stress that it is in no way affiliated with the franchise), Dead Rising featured an enjoyably simple premise, which required nothing more than your survival for three days (the eqivalent of 6 hours gameplay). However, there were plenty of side quests and optional missions to undertake which accumulated to give the player one of many possible endings.

Many adjustments have been made to the Wii port, including toning down what was stated to be an overly difficult level of gameplay, and of course the use of motion control. While the use of surrounding objects as weapons is accomplished with the A button, guns are aimed with the remote, and waggling the remote activates the special abilities of some weapons, such as the crazy flailing of a saw or a well aimed swipe with a bat.

Where the game gained much of its praise is in the sheer amount of makeshift weapons available for use. Pretty much anything you could find in a shopping mall is available for use, each to varying success. Just a few of the weapons available include chainsaws, baseball bats, plant pots, benches and tins of soup. Plus you can use of plenty other everyday objects to tilt the scales in your favor: such as breaking open a container of olive oil on the floor in front of your flesh-eating pursuers. Suffice to say these varying methods of dispatch make for many humourous and entertaining scenes!

It's refreshing to see the Wii making the effort to shake free of the kiddy friendly image it has, and if ever a game could help in that mission, it's this one. Rarely has a game been so single minded in its purpose of creating no brainer fun for a few hours, and for those who sat and watched Dawn of the Dead thinking 'that looks like so much fun', well, this is your chance to live it out! Dead Rising: Chop til you Drop certainly isn't a deep game, but it's definitely an entertaining one!

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