God of War 3

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At long last, we have the unveiling of God of War 3, the PlayStation 3 stalwart which has been three years in production. Sustaining the wildly popular franchise from the Playstation 2, this is the first ever time we'll witness Kratos' adventures on a next gen console. Without a doubt, the delay has been well justified.

The God of War franchise has always been a epitome for action adventure mastery, and this game returns to show the rest the way it's done. We follow Kratos just as the last title left off, climbing Mount Olympus itself to lay siege to the remaining Gods that banished him. This gives opportunity for a number of new gameplay promises.

618PIeQFu6L. SL160  God of War 3

God of War 3 benefits from a dynamic camera, wavering and looping to comply with Kratos in a clear distinction to the fixed camera of earlier installments. The ascent of Mount Olympus additionally allows for plenty of wonderful gameplay elements, together with flying high on wind tunnels or battling Titans over vast drops.

Visually, God of War 3 is beautiful. The character models are highly developed, down to skin pores. The varied environments supply a wealthy show of vision, from the seat of the Gods to the depths of Hell. The gameplay in God of War 3 can still claim to set the bar, with Kratos getting access to an revolutionary array of new weapons, all of which are able to play a tactical role in your diverse battles.

It was virtually a forgone conclusion, but God of War 3 is an incredible game. Each possible aspect of what makes a game successful is rolled into one; epic storyline, amazing graphics and interesting gameplay. The franchise continues to smash all competition out of the water, and if you happen to own a Playstation 3 you simply must give it a go!

Great Upcoming Titles For Sony Playstation 3

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2008 was a superb year for the Sony PlayStation 3. After three years of being beaten up by its competitors, the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360, the PS3 rebounded with robust exclusives and verified hits like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet.

What's in store for the Sony Playstation 3 in the months to come? Will the schedule of PS3 releases continue the momentum established by the company in 2008? Will the rest of 2009, and even 2010, be the period when Sony regains the throne it was compelled to surrender and actually realize some profit for their video game console? Here's a look at what we have to look forward to;

1. God of War III. Of all of the PS3 releases forthcoming, this is the surest hit. Kratos is too much of a tough guy to be considered as a mascot, and his journeys aren't always what we can consider as 'wholesome'. Nevertheless, God of War III is THE PS3 release that is destined to sell a large amount of games and units alike.

2. DC Universe online . Think of a constant world where you may either hero or villain, interacting with other real players playing popular characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the likes. It's a PS3 release worth waiting for.

3. Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves. The first Uncharted was a sleeper hit for Sony. The second one will be 20 times better, and with multi-player action to boot.

4. EyePet. This PS3 release will be a do or die for the EyeToy peripheral. The last ( and only ) game that employed the accessory was Eye of Judgment. Will a virtual pet-style title be sufficient to make the peripheral a sound investment for PS3 owners?

5. Gran Turismo 5. Presuming it is released. As it stands, GT5 should have been delivered two years ago.

Keep your eyes peeled for these great titles and many more, coming to the Sony Playstation 3 soon!

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Top Selling Playstation 3 Games

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Numbers don't lie. Rather than counting on subjective reviews, a lot of video gamers often observe the sales charts to figure out whether or not a specific software title is worth the purchase.

This is particularly true for owners of  PlayStation 3 consoles.

With the vast amount of games available for the Playstation 3, finding the right title worthy of a $50 to $60 investment can prove to be quite a daunting task. Fortunately, the cream always rises on top of the sales charts.

So, what are highest selling games for the Sony PS3 console? Here are the top seven of the list :

1. MotorStorm. Alas, the benefits of being a launch title! MotorStorm won over a group that hotly contested the release of the PS3 console with its surprisingly pragmatic graphics and superb action. Number of copies sold : 3.31 million.

2. Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots. Konami's smash hit franchise continued on the PS3 console, and sales immediately followed suit. MGS4 is the game in Hideo Kojima's legendary series that sold the greatest number of copies within a particularly short period. It was actually the first software title that essentially brought about a rise in PS3 console sales. Number of copies sold : more than 3 million.

3. Grand Theft Auto 4. It isn't an exclusive, but the PS3 console was a favorite system for the interest in GTA4. Though the Xbox 360 version displayed better graphics, people preferred to play a lengthy game like this on a console that won't collapse because of some unknown cause. Number of copies sold : 2.7 million.

4. Uncharted : Drake's Fortune. This dark horse of a game surprised everyone by being an instant cult favorite. Number of copies sold : 2.6 million.

5. Resistance : Fall of Man. Many criticised the PS2-esque graphics which totally enfeebled the power possessed by the PS3 console. But again, it was a launch title and people were hungry for exclusive games. The result? Number of copies sold : 2.5 million.

6. Heavenly Sword. There's nothing bad about the game, but there's nothing special about it, either. For an audience starved of a button mashing adventure game for their PS3 consoles, Heavenly Sword was easy to embrace. Number of copies sold : just over a million.

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2009: Year of the PS3?

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Sony promise 2009 to be a great year for the PS3, with a slew of great titles announced and released over the next few months, including, shock horror, some exclusives!
Here we take a look at three of the most promising titles due for release;

#3: Infamous

51R3XwGV4LL. SL160  2009: Year of the PS3?

The latest game from developer Sucker Punch, makers of the highly successful Sly Cooper series, is Infamous; an open-world action platformer about the power of electrical currents. In it the main character's body is enveloped in a sort of strange electricity, and he gains the ability to shoot and lob bolts of lightning from his fingertips. Some of the gameplay mechanics have been recycled from Sucker Punch's earlier platformers, like Sly Cooper, but they compliment the game well, and many people are excited to see the grittier and more intense side of their games. Look out for this title sometime in the Summer!

#2: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

41tshjQFyEL. SL75  2009: Year of the PS3?

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was something of a dark horse release for the PS3, but for those who saw through its flaws, it became something of a cult hit. This sequel looks to open the adventures of Nathan Drake up to the wider audience, mainly through bringing back everything that made the original such a hit, whilst polishing the flaws and making the parts that were criticised into working functions. Check out our Uncharted 2 feature for more information on this title!

#1: God of War III

412A%2BurwsVL. SL160  2009: Year of the PS3?

Arguably one of the most popular and successful gaming franchises of recent years, God of War one and two were hailed as gaming masterpieces, fulfilling everything a player could ask for by way of gaming and storyline. God of War 3 is the first to be released on a next gen platform and excitement is reaching fever pitch. Not a lot of information has been given thus far, but we're to expect a much darker tone to earlier incarnations, and you can be sure the destructive combat elements will be taken even further into this title. God of War 3 hasn't been given an official release date yet, but we're optimistic (and hopeful!) that we'll see it this year.

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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The first Uncharted game, Drake's Fortune, was something of a dark horse release for the Playstation 3. Unheralded and relatively unknown upon release, the game went on to be a bit hit, drawing in a solid cult fanbase and being viewed as something of a contender to a certain Ms. Croft. The game combined elements of gunplay and shootout with traditional platforming and adventuring, drafting this into an Indiana Jones-esque backdrop of treasure hunting.

The sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, looks as if it will have more than a few changes from the first in store. Whereas the first game introduced us to Nathan Drake, a loveable, happy-go-lucky adventurer, the storyline never really delved too deeply into his personality. This time around, we see the game take a darker tone as Drake puts more and more on the line in order to fulfill his goals. The setting also mirrors this change of mood, eschewing the lush tropical setting of the original in favour of the bleak, snowbound climate of Nepal and the Himalayas.

41tshjQFyEL. SL500  Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The overall gameplay is set to receive a major revision in Among Thieves. Whereas the original featured both shootouts and platforming, the two elements were never really combined to great effect. Levels would progress in noticable chunks of specific gameplay, one or the other. The sequel looks to merge these elements to a much greater effect, allowing Nathan to use his firearms whilst on the move. Certain elements have been added to increase diversity and realism also, including more environment interactivity such as tossing over tables to use as cover and stealing enemy weapons.

Fans of the original game should definately be looking forward to this title with baited breath- it does everything the original did but better, and adds a number of definite improvements to the general flow and function of the game. Still in development with a predicted release of late '09/early '10, developers Naughty Dog are taking their time to craft a game they know means a lot to their fans. So if you were one of the many to miss out on the original, pick it up quick style, because this sequel is definitely going to be an event not to miss!

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