Wii’s Red Steel

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As the Wii was initially released, it brought with it a range of exclusive titles, such as Red Steel. This game was primarily a FPS wherein the gamer could switch between gun action and sword action by employing the Wii remote or nunchuk. This impressive gameplay generated high excitement all over the videogame community, and therefore the game was amongst the highest selling launch games for Nintendo's console. Producers Ubisoft have finally developed a sequel, and Wii's Red Steel 2 is due out shortly.

Wii's Red Steel 2 is transfering the action from the Mafia oriented mob story of the first game and relocating to a desert area, wherein you play the mysterious 'Swordsman'. Seeking vengeance on a variety of enemies, you battle your way through numerous environments using the same play system as in the original.

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The controls have been fine tuned to a high level with this game. In spite of the high sales of the original, one drawback that was frequently cited by critics was that the controls didn't accurately convey gamer movements to the screen. By using the new WiiMotion Plus Wii's Red Steel 2 hopes to counter this drawback drastically.

Additionally, the title takes a fresh visual style. Rather than the realistic look of the original, Wii's Red Steel 2 is done with a cell shaded design, giving the game an impressively stylised finish. Multiplayer has also been dropped from this title, as Ubisoft state they wanted to put all their effort into making the best single player campaign achievable.

The initial Red Steel was really a flawed masterpiece; it had all the promise to be a great and revolutionary title yet was just defeated by below-par controls. If Wii's Red Steel 2 can rectify this problem, then we might be seeing a truly impressive title.

Work Off That Dinner With The Wii Sports Resort Game For Xmas Season

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Wii Sports Resort is a game that is perfect for a Christmas present, in that as well as being heaps of fun to play, it can help you keep that gut down after all those puddings! It will also provide super physical fun throughout the year ahead, especially on wet days when you can't exercise outside.

How about using it at socials to get them started - it all goes with more of a swing once your visitors have got physical. Wii Sports Resort is able to engross you in the real-time activities that are shown on-screen.

By using the Wii MotionPlus attachment (included in the game pack), your Wii remote will have better accuracy and responses. For other players (up to four participants can join in at once) to connect in, you will have to acquire further accessories to make sure everybody can take part. That is probably the major weakness of the game, as it does necessitate a greater depth of movement and accuracy than a lot of other Wii games.

The game has a lot to offer participants, including amusing depictions of Wake Boarding, Basketball, Power Cruising, and Skydiving. In total there are 12 sports resort games to try your hand at. It's the follow on to the incredibly popular Wii Sports game, and has therefore been getting a great amount of notice with both gaming and fitness fans.

The Sports Resort game has been getting some fine reviews from many sources, and its graphics are believed to be higher than the norm for Wii games, which is great to hear. The Wii Sports Resort is a fine idea for a Christmas present for that eager gamer or fitness fanatic in your life!

Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition

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If you're a true follower of video games and devices, I am sure you've heard about The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition. However, if you're still unsure what it is, keep on delving here and you will soon discover the details you want.

The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition is where the most creative musical video game and greatest band of our time meet. It's the title for music fans, game players, children and veterans alike who gladly hold onto the golden era in music.

51Gde07ZLyL. SL160  Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition

MTV games announced this title will be interesting for both youths and their mom and pop. Youngsters will love it - because they adore games, and folks will be thrilled to participate aswell, since they truly love and respect traditionally popular music as The Beatles delivered. Platforms that house this title are Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition will have the game, a Hofner Bass ( custom etched like Sir Paul McCartney formerly played ), a microphone with a stand, extra special content and a real special treat for any music affectionados - Ludwig Drums! The drum set is uniquely customised for this title, with pearl finish and vintage drum hide, similar to the model Ringo Starr employed.

So waste no more time and start rehearsing your well-loved Beatles titles and guitar solos. If you love the music these legendary Liverpool musicians produced, The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition is sure to rock your soul!


Wii Sports Resort

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51RA6VjjyrL. SL160  Wii Sports Resort
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Wii Sports Resort

Nintendo Wii Cheats

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The constantly rising fame of the Nintendo Wii has also witnessed a burgeoning call for Nintendo Wii cheats. As videogame consoles such as the Wii have now become a major aspect of our lives, the need to finish the games successfully has grown. But as players will without doubt know, 'beating the game' can occasionally be tough, and so there's no harm in progressing with a cheat every so often.

However, there are just some of us who employ Nintendo Wii cheats to get a quick fix to getting stuck on a specific stage of a game. But what if these areas were designed so you do get stuck? The explanation could be that if you employ your wit and imagination in making an attempt to crack the difficulty you could discover a totally new enjoyment to the game.

Luckily, there are other kinds of Nintendo Wii cheats that you might want to test out. These cheats allow you to have a good time whilst not necessarily altering the gameplay. These allow you to unlock secret features that could be present in specific stages of the game. This is often known as an 'Easter Egg' in gamer's speak and can add new surprise and enjoyment to the title.

Gamers are fully justified if you assert you would like to tackle the game with complete liberty, without the shackles of having to finish one specific stage in order to move on to the next. But in your desire to reach the end, it would be smart to take care not to ruin the interactions with the videogame by using Nintendo Wii cheats.

Nintendo Wii was made to offer interactive entertainment to game-players of all ages. Complicated games for which you have got to concentrate aren't a part of the package as Wii concentrates on relaxing and not taxing your thoughts. So in the act of making a straightforward game even easier by using Nintendo Wii cheats you might be missing the subtleties of the title.

Put simply, only employ the Nintendo Wii cheats where completely neccessary and play the game to the end!

Nintendo Wii Price Drop: Is it Possible for 2009?

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As of this article, the Nintendo Wii price is pegged at $249.99 SRP. Not bad at all, really, for a console that is dominating the sales charts and has the largest library of titles amongst the current generation of gaming consoles.

But many are still hoping for a Nintendo Wii price drop in time for Christmas of 2009. After all, the machine is in its 3rd retial year – which, in industry terms, equates to the system currently enjoying the peak of its expected 5 to 7 year life cycle – and now is the best time to own one.

Currently, Nintendo has not called any announcements, nor has it made any indications, that a price reduction for the Nintendo Wii console is forthcoming in the near future. Therefore, any take on the matter will merely be an opinion based on prevailing market factors at the moment.

Possible reasons why a Nintendo Wii price drop should not be expected this year:

- Excluding the Xbox 360 Arcade edition (naked version of the console, not ideal for first time owners), the Nintendo Wii is the most affordable current generation console in the market. Therefore, Nintendo don't even need a price drop to remain competitive in the market.

- The Nintendo Wii has always ruled the sales chart considerably. Hence, the company wouldn’t consider a Nintendo Wii price drop is necessary as the consumers obviously concur with the set price given the console’s dominance of the sales charts.

- It’s too soon. Normally, consoles offer price drops roughly halfway or to the tail end of the system’s market life. For the current generation of consoles, that period is pegged at 6 years.

Why a Nintendo Wii price drop is actually quite probable for 2009:

- Declining economy. Nintendo may benefit from making their flagship console more accessible to increasingly hard-off public. In a down economy, the ideal way to increase sales is to offer value at a cut price. The Nintendo Wii has proven that it packs value, but that may not be enough anymore.

- Nintendo already enjoys a massive base of users. It should be able to afford a Nintendo Wii price drop as vast majority of profit will now come from software sales, anyway.

- The public are asking for it, and Nintendo would do well to stay in public favor!

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Spore Hero Comes To PC, Mac and Wii!

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Spore was released on the PC last autumn and has already amassed enough popularity to green light a pair of growth packs and spinoffs. One such spinoff is named Spore Hero, and is scheduled to be released on the PC, Mac, and Wii, comprising of an open world adventure game and starring a unusual creature that can control it's own physical evolution on the fly.

At the game's start the hero crashlands on an alien planet on board a blue meteor. Initially our hero is arely a hatchling, but as you explore the landscape and complete quests you can unlock new parts and capabilities. Around the globe are scattered varied creatures with exclamation marks floating above their heads, in a fashion rather reminiscent of World Of Warcraft. This means you can interact with them, taking part in activities like singing, dancing, or fighting. Sometimes they have a problem, and they are going to tell you what it is. If you can fix it, there will be a reward.

As for control, Spore Hero takes a very different approach from past games in the series. Where in the PC versions you continue to use the cursor to click where you want your character to go, for the Wii you use the nunchuk's analog control. Also, combat control develops over time, just as the creature does. Combos and capabilities, as well as how you control them, shift with the character.

As you gain parts you can bring them back to assorted huge nests scattered around the planet. These nests provide the opportunity to customize character's appearances, both playable and non-playable. An example in which this comes handy is when the player meets a male creature attempting to please a female who doesn't like his looks. After a conversation with her you can get an idea of what her tastes and preferences are, bring the male to the nest, and just make a few modifications.

Spore Hero is a very different and interesting take on the Spore franchise, and appears to be targeting a wider audience across multi-platforms. Fans brave enough to try something new should definitely look out for Spore Hero!

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Punch-Out Comes To Nintendo Wii

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Believe it or not, Punch-Out!! For the Wii has been a very highly anticipated game. The originals are considered boxing game classics, and some of the finest games of the NES generation. In reality, as shown by positive reviews of the NES version of Punch-out!! downloaded on the Wii, it's still as much of a blast to play as ever.

The graphics have an amazing cell-shaded look to them, like Windwaker only a little more realistic. They exhibit a very strange yet somehow familiar style. When you strike an opponent hard in the face, he's shocked for a second and small birds flutter around his head. Not just that, but had such a far-out visual style manifested itself in any other of today's fighting games it would have been shunned. This extends to the opponents themselves, all of which are pretty wacky ; from Disco Boy, a self-absorbed disco fanatic who enjoys doing a little dance in the ring before the match, to King Hippo, who...well, I'm really not quite sure what he is, except big, has almost no neck, and is maybe totally daft.

At first look, Punch-Out!!'s gameplay seems something similar to a far more stylized version of Wii Sports Boxing. While a NES-style form of play is available by turning the Wii remote on it's side, the standard practice is to use both the Wiimote and the nunchuk. Move them forward and backward to perform different punches, and move them both to the side to avoid. When knocked down, shake the mote and chuk to rise and re-enter the fight, at which point a new round begins.

As for the sound department, you can think how superior the sound is in comparison to how it was on the NES. The punch-induced smacks and taunts from opponents come across just realistically enough for you to engaged in what's happening.

The original look and feel of the game has been incredibly well re-imagined, Nintendo having clearly put a lot of care into rendering this game. Punch-Out!! may seem like an incredibly simplistic title, but then, that doesn't mean it isn't incredibly fun!

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Boom Blox: Bash Party

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Boom Blox was, in a number of ways, one of the biggest Wii games of 2008; not so much in terms of it's quality as a game, but rather it's popularity and hype. Of course, it was a game that, weirdly enough, Steven Spielberg himself had partnered with Electronic Arts to make. It was an intricate puzzle game drawing some inspiration from Jenga, and featuring almost 400 levels of gameplay and it's own advanced level editor. Now that it's time for the sequel, EA has been working hard to both expand what worked well and eliminate or solve what didn't.

Boom Blox is a game of "strategic destruction". Each explosion and crash should be clear and streamlined, and that is precisely what EA has been going for by fully overhauling the game's graphics engine. The bulk of the backround 2D characters and animations are now absolutely 3D, running smoothly and in better detail. There are all types of detailed stuff in the backround that can actually interact with the gameplay.

618isXME57L. SL160  Boom Blox: Bash Party

This time around there should be between 400 and six hundred new and unique levels to play with. It's clear that often the blox are just set up like a game of Jenga, but other times there are all sorts of different kinds of formations and you have to solve ways to most effectively make them collapse. For example, some levels occur underwater, or even hovering in zero-g space. Elements like this, as well as others such as surroundings and characters, can bring a whole new twist to the game.

One interesting new mechanic is the item called the slingshot. With the slingshot you can pick up any item in the level, pull back, and "slingshot" it into the blox structure. There are numerous levels in the game that make use of this mechanic, and to great effect.

Boom Blox has proved to be great fun both as a singleplayer puzzler and a competitive multi player game in the past, so as the advent of it's sequel Boom Blox Bash Party approaches, it's little wonder folks are wild with excitement. Boom Blox isn't just some cheap, casual offering. It's a core game and deserves to be treated that way, and many folks who have considered themselves to be hardcore gamers have enjoyed it enormously. This time around, EA is to be applauded.

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Wii Ports Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time!

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The Nintendo Wii continues to bow to fan requests by porting popular games from the company's other consoles onto that system.The latest in this line is a fresh port of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, originally released on the DS. Owners of the Wii version will be able to play online alongside DS users in an impressive display of cross-console interactivity. One major downside is that the Wii port will not be making any graphics enhancements to the title. Echoes of Time plays like a classic RPG, bringing all elements of the genre to bear in a world-spanning adventure. Expect to level up, expand your party and train for new skills as your quest grows ever more perillous.

Both the single player and multiplayer versions of this game bring great playability. Those interested in focussing on the storyline are betest off sticking to the immersive and epic single player, whilst players wanting to pit their skills in the online arena will be catered for accordingly.

But one thing you may be curious about is how they solved the problem of the two screens that are required to play the DS version. There are still two screens in the Wii version, side by side. You can customize each screen's size, navigating the various options by using the pointer rather than a stylus; it's as simple as that. The Wii version also irons out a few creases in the general flow and gameplay areas, along with almost cutting out any load times.

Many thought that porting a dual screen, handheld game to a console would pose too many problems to be a success, but Square Enix have proved them wrong yet again. Despite a lack of graphical edge, Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time on the Wii brings the same great RPG experience from the handheld arena and offers it to the wider gaming community.

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