World of Warcraft – 3.1 Patch!

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Blizzard are releasing their first major content update patch for World of Warcraft, since the release of the Wrath of the Lich King. Patch number 3.1 will include some neat little updates to your characters. One is the ability to dual-spec your character. Instead of spending 50 gold whenever you want to change from raid spec to pvp spec, Blizzard have introduced a new spell, which when purchased, allows you to instantly respect your character they way you want them to be for the right situation. Obviously, there are limitations to where you can do this, like you can’t swap when in combat or when you are in an instance, as well as a cool down period once cast. Action bars and glyphs change as well so there is no need to redo them whenever you change.

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In addition to this cool addition, is a new end-game raid dungeon, Ulduar and expands upon the variable difficulty modes Blizzard have worked on. Ulduar will host 14 new bosses, 10 of which have an optional hard-mode, so the hardened guilds can get a more substantial challenge and once defeated, get some awesome items.

As with any World of Warcraft patch, more class balancing is at hand, as well as bug fixes and more user interface enhancements.

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