The Xbox 360 Console

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Video gaming systems have expanded  since the Atari. Over many years, video games have evolved from simple one player games to complex gaming systems with a whole host of add on peripherals designed to bring players a gaming experience that rivals real life.

The best system that really brings players into the games they play is the Xbox 360 video game console. Developed by software giant Microsoft, the system was first released in late 2005 and quickly sold out around the world. Since then, the new components and accessories introduced for the Xbox 360 have helped it remain as one of the top selling video game consoles in the world.

The Xbox 360 comes in three different versions: the arcade console, the premium console and the Elite console. Each console has its own set of add ons and accessories. One of the most unique qualities of the Xbox 360 is its Xbox Live component. This component allows subscribing players to interact with other gamers around the world. They can interact with other players around the world via the chat function while playing games with or against people around the world. Xbox Live users can also download different content, games, TV shows and movies only available to Xbox Live subscribers.

Xbox 360 also boasts a wide variety of add ons to help players enhance their game playing experience. For example, players can use both wired and wireless controllers, specialized headsets and webcams for chatting with other players along with dance and exercise mats to use with certain games.

The Xbox 360 has a vast selection of games for players of all interests to enjoy. One look at the available games for the Xbox 360 show traditional war and fighting games, along with games designed for women, girls and preschool aged children.

There really is something for everyone in the family with the Xbox 360. That’s why the Xbox 360 is a great gift for anyone in your family this Christmas. Hey, you might even want to think about getting an Xbox 360 for yourself this year. With all of the different interactive games, you’re sure to find something that interests you and helps you spend your precious free time having fun!

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

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With E3 having drawn to a close, one of the most exciting scenes on display was the new trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising, the spin off title from the incredibly successful Metal Gear franchise. Rising actually takes place between MGS2 and MGS4 and follows Raiden, a recurring support character from the series.

Raiden as a character has divided fans of the franchise for many years since his debut. Before Metal gear solid: Rising, when he was revealed to be the protagonist of MGS2, replacing the established and popular Solid Snake, many fans were upset and angered. It didn't help that he reportedly came across as whiney and juvenile, his generic pretty boy appearance in stark contrast to the gruff and able Solid Snake fans had come to love.

However, Raiden returned in MGS4 as a non-playable character, and instantly took the gaming world by storm. Free from the burden of carrying the game on his shoulders and with a reinvented persona which saw him more mature and deadly, Raiden played a pivotal role in the story and his action scenes were easily the best in the game. He had gone from being the joke of the franchise to stealing the show. Now he is set to return to main man duties in Metal gear Solid: Rising.

Little is known about this title so far, with the teaser trailer only offering a brief glimpse of gameplay. However, Metal Gear Solid: Rising did showcase an interesting quirk which allows Raiden to enter a 'bullet-time' like mode, wherein you can plot the course of his sword slashes and therefore make for some interesting (and gory) attack methods.

Some fear that Raiden is not meant to lead a game, and that his recent successful return is owed to the fleeting quality of his appearances. That said, his reinvented character, along with the impressive looking teaser trailer, is beginning to douse the fears of many. Metal Gear Solid: Rising could mark the advent of one of gaming's greatest spin-offs!

Rocksteady Return with Red Dead Redemption

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The 'Westerns' genre has been a troublesome act to sell within the gaming world, most titles based on the period flunk dramatically. Nevertheless, Rocksteady's latest title, Red Dead Redemption, has gained almost worldwide acclamation from critics and gamers alike. It's being championed as the complete Western experience in gaming.

Red Dead Redemption is a sandbox title, wherein you inhabit an open world and are principally free to discover it as you like. The plot follows John Marston, a former outlaw who's blackmailed by the government to seek out his past gang members and spread further legislation and order throughout the frontier.

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Apart from the principle story, there is loads for players to do. Gamers can hunt for meals, play games of poker, take extra jobs and be a part of stakeouts, to call but a few. The title additionally incorporates a morality system much like such games as Fable, wherein your deeds will impact your fame and cause strangers to react accordingly. Red Dead Redemption makes in depth use of period accurate weapons and even different breeds of horses. The validity of the game is what has won it such high praise.

Free world games are becoming much loved within the videogame society, and with Red Dead Redemption it is easy to see why. Gamers can immerse themselves in an enormous and interactive world, free to play precisely as they see fit. Add in thrilling gunplay and a deep storyline, and you're set to join the love of Red Dead Redemption.

Super Street Fighter 4 !

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Not even a year since the release of Street Fighter 4, Capcom have already followed up with the sequel; Super Street Fighter 4. This fast-tracked release may come as a surprise to some, but veterans will know it's a time-honoured Capcom tradition, especially harking back to Street Fighter 2 and its myriad versions. So why bring out a sequel so soon after the initial release?

You need only play the new version to get the answer. Super Street Fighter 4 has improved upon the original in every way, which is quite a compliment considering the original is considered a near perfect Beat Em Up. Most importantly, the sequel brings an additional 10 new fighters to the competition, bringing the tally to a whopping 35 characters. The slim roster was a sore point for many when considering the original, but that has been fixed with a great range of fighters.

51yULUsudSL. SL160  Super Street Fighter 4 !

Of the 10 new combatants, 2 are completely new while the other 8 have featured in past Capcom titles. Juri and Hakan are the new fighters for Super Street Fighter 4, and offer a diverse style of play. The sadistic yet seductive Juri, a Tae Kwon Do master, offers a speedy and combo-heavy approach. Hakan, conversely, is a comedic Turkish oil wrestler, specialising in grapples and heavy hitting in the same vein as Zangief. The rest of the newcomers include fan favourites Ibuki, Cody and Dudley.

However, new fighters isn't the only thing Super Street Fighter 4 brings to the table. The online mode has been augmented dramatically, featuring the 'endless battle' mode allowing friends to have continuous battles, along with replay modes and clearer layouts. The nostalgic bonus rounds from past entries make a return, and a range of new stages have been included for good measure.

Understandably, some may think it cheeky to bring out a sequel less than a year since the original and expect players to shell out again. Fear not though, Super Street Fighter 4 comes at a reduced price, and is definitely worth the purchase. The range of new fighters bring a whole new dynamic to the gameplay, and all other features have been improved dramatically. This is the icing on the cake of one of the best fighters in years, and Capcom are fully justified with this amazing offering.

The End Of The Xbox Halo Franchise As We Know It

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Halo: Reach is the forthcoming (and final) chapter from current developer studio Bungie, bringing to an end their reign over the Xbox Halo franchise. Set in 2552 on the human planet Reach, and players once more adopt the Spartan colours as Noble 6 and, along with Noble Squad, the gamer will have to defend their planet from the terror that is the Covenant. However, Halo: Reach is a prequel to Bungie's first award winning "Halo: Combat Evolved" title.

Originally designed to be an improved version of the Xbox Halo franchise entry Halo 3, the notion was dropped, Bungie stating they would redesign and improve the quality of the Halo 3 designs. Harking back to the Halo: Combat Evolved concept ideas, this effectively means the new weapon, armour and covenant designs in Halo: Reach will deviate greatly from prior entries but uphold the ethos of the Xbox Halo franchise.

Hinting that Bungie will not cap the Xbox Halo franchise without a bang, the producers are looking to dramatically increase the graphical quality of all gaming areas, even including the weaponry. This clearly required Bungie to create a fresh new engine in Halo: Reach, with the AI augmented and nudged to provide better support for the player as they battle the Covenant.

So after all these promises of fusing greatly refined graphics and improved AI and designs, will Bungie leave the Xbox Halo franchise with a bang and cement their reputation for producing the best FPS for the Xbox 360? The only way to find out is to grab a copy when it is released later this year!

A Sneak peek At The Xbox 360 Project Natal

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Following hot on the heels of the Wii's motion sensing technology, Microsoft hope to take this one better with Xbox 360 Project Natal. Revealed during 2009's E3 meeting, this add-on accessory for the Xbox 360 is said to allow completely controller-free interaction with games, sensing movement and translating that as controls in the title.

Xbox 360 Project Natal is said to be available around the end of 2010, and Microsoft hope that the accessory will become a vital part of all existing Xbox consoles. They also confirm that this revolutionary technology will stretch the active life of the 360 considerably, and is, for all intents and purposes, a next-gen accessory.

The accessory includes a depth sensor coupled with an RGB camera, which hands the Xbox 360 Project Natal a 360 degree arc of recognition. The recognition is so cutting edge that even tiny facial expressions can be interpreted and converted on-screen. The range of recognition can also be extended or shortened as the gamer wishes, with the possibility of including surrounding objects like tables or cabinets.

Along with movement, the Xbox 360 Project Natal also has the ability to interpret sound. The multi-array microphone within can be employed to recognise sound and relay vocal information on the television. These elements mix to offer total interactivity between gamer and videogame.

As the technology employed to create both Natal and the titles it will interact with is reasonably unique, Microsoft have said that current Xbox 360 titles probably will not support Natal, and that a brand new range of titles are in progress. Some technical demos shown at E3 saw Space Invaders Extreme and Paint Party, a game in which pots of paint are manipulated by the gamer to paint canvasses.

Time will tell as to whether the Xbox 360 Project Natal will instill the awe Microsoft are looking for. Whilst the specs are clearly revolutionary and due to trump even the Wii's signature card, Microsoft need to announce more engaging titles to gain increased customer interest. With the right titles coupled with it, the Xbox 360 Project Natal could actually be the future of videogaming!

Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition

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If you're a true follower of video games and devices, I am sure you've heard about The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition. However, if you're still unsure what it is, keep on delving here and you will soon discover the details you want.

The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition is where the most creative musical video game and greatest band of our time meet. It's the title for music fans, game players, children and veterans alike who gladly hold onto the golden era in music.

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MTV games announced this title will be interesting for both youths and their mom and pop. Youngsters will love it - because they adore games, and folks will be thrilled to participate aswell, since they truly love and respect traditionally popular music as The Beatles delivered. Platforms that house this title are Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition will have the game, a Hofner Bass ( custom etched like Sir Paul McCartney formerly played ), a microphone with a stand, extra special content and a real special treat for any music affectionados - Ludwig Drums! The drum set is uniquely customised for this title, with pearl finish and vintage drum hide, similar to the model Ringo Starr employed.

So waste no more time and start rehearsing your well-loved Beatles titles and guitar solos. If you love the music these legendary Liverpool musicians produced, The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition is sure to rock your soul!


Xbox 360 News Site

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Xbox 360 is the second installment for the Xbox line of games machines from Microsoft. The Xbox 360 boasts support of high definition in all titles, movie rentals and gaming downloads from its online marketplace, Windows Media Centre multimedia capabilities and ability to view HD DVD flicks. Due to these, it enjoys huge popularity among console game lovers and is in high demand in the market.

However, what's the source of all this up-to-date news? Well, there are numerous websites loyal to Xbox which cater to the awareness of both developers and players of Xbox 360. But the most outstanding of these various sources is the Xbox 360 News website.

The Xbox 360 News also supplies the latest info and stories on the latest Xbox 360 title offerings. In this manner, it significantly helps our game players as there are plenty of titles to choose from, including soon to be released titles. For folks who want to purchase an Xbox 360, this web site will prove to be helpful. It permits users to purchase their very own Xbox 360. Likewise, players can also take part in various games conducted by sponsors and procure diverse treats.

The capability to access Xbox 360 News through the games machine directly is amongst the most impressive features of this function. A working net connection is all that is needed and the console is all set to visit the Xbox 360 News website for the latest in Xbox 360 titles, releases and patches.

So we see that the Xbox 360 News function can offer you the latest data and info on your favourite gaming console and keep you in the know. In fact, both newbies or vets, as well as developers, can glean a lot from this website. Thus, if you wish to remain updated on the latest about Xbox 360, visit the Xbox 360 News website immediately!

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What Can Xbox Live Offer You?

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Xbox 360 currently offers gamers the opportunity to communicate with each other, using the add-on feature known as Xbox Live. If you're an Xbox Live user, you are instantly part of the chat list. Therefore, you are able to chat and discuss anytime with your friends and family through the Xbox 360 headset. Moreover, you can interact and organize a gaming throwdown with countless other Xbox users. Xbox Live also allows you to buy content in Xbox Live Marketplace, download additional videogame content and even watch preview videos.

If users are enticed by these functions and wish to become an Xbox Live member, then there are two memberships to choose from, classified into two distinct services - gold and silver.

Up first, the silver service is just the basic version of Xbox Live. Going for this version, users can easily get online and download gaming titles. On top of this, you are given the capacity to use their own voice to talk and meet with other Xbox Live users. However, this is all Xbox Live silver provides subscribers with. If you're searching for the optimum Xbox Live experience, Xbox Live gold is what you must go for.

Secondly, the Xbox Live Gold option has various features that make it an awesome way to play on the internet. Apart from the incredible Xbox Live features, it provides gamers with a host of additional add-ons. There is improved chat compatability, as well as interaction with a host of Microsoft products, including messenger and further chat and video programs. The most prominent feature of Xbox Live gold is the manner in which your online avatar is shown to the world. Every account is free to create a distinct 'motto' showing to other gamers online, even linking to Facebook. Furthermore, you're also able to hold a record of your accomplishments. As you play more and more you gradually forge a reputation, and if users like you they are able to rank you positively, making it easier to avoid interacting with users holding bad outlook.

Players can also build a contact list which will list all of your selected chums. It'll also inform you when any of your buddies come online. There is also a recent player list that will record the last fifty friends that you have met.

Xbox Live is as good as Xbox gaming gets. It not only offers great gaming but also provides you with the chance to share your experience with other users!

PS3 Vs Xbox 360!

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PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which console is better? Which is a safer investment? The battle of Xbox 360 vs PS3 will be waged in five fronts. Let's take a look at each and every one of them to determine which gaming console is worth your loyalty.

1. Power. Third party developers have always complained about how hard it is to make games for the PS3 due to its maze-like infrastructure. The Xbox 360 is like a computer system, thus, better to code for. The result : games that are released for both systems generally look better on the Xbox 360.

2. Reliability. The Xbox 360 has long been plagued with bugs and breakdowns. What good is a gaming system if it'll break down in some months, if not a few weeks, right? In the battle of Xbox 360 vs PS3 on this front, the PS3 is the runaway winner.

3.Game library. The Xbox 360 was released a year before the PS3. Developers also say that they'd rather make games for the Xbox 360 because it's a better system to work with. Activision, developers and distributors of the widely acclaimed Call of Duty series, have even promised to stop developing for the PS3 out of sheer disappointment. It comes as little surprise, then, the Xbox 360 has a deeper game library and wins this round of the Xbox 360 vs PS3 fight.

4. Exclusives. Despite Xbox's Halo, Gears of War and Fable, the PS3 has Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, Ratchet and rattle, little Big Planet and more. When it comes to sheer variety, the PS3 wins this facet of the battle.

Pretty equal pegging, then. In the end, it's all about personal preference, take that for what it's worth deciding on which console to purchase.

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