Wii Sports- Why so popular?

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Wii Sports- Why so popular?

Originally shipped as part of the Wii package, Wii sports has become a runaway success for the console and the poularity has grown and grown. Owing huge success to the content and playability rather than graphical edge, Wii Sports is so popular due to the dynamic and interactive gameplay.

For example, to hit the ball in the tennis game, one merely swings the controller to the left or right. One does not have to fiddle with a small controller pad to play the game. To hit a  baseball, one holds the controller similar to how one would hold a baseball bat. This is the most realistic game play we have ever seen for sports video games.

The games included are tennis, baseball, boxing, bowling, and golf. The boxing game requires a separate "nunchuck" which plugs into the controller.

All games include training, standard play, several multiplayer choices, and the ability to create your own characters.

The training allows one to hone in on one of three different actions for each sport. Just as in real life, training or practice helps to improve your performance. In tennis, one can focus on returning the ball or placing the ball within a specific area. In baseball, one can practice pitching or batting. Boxing training is useful for learning how to duck and weave and throw your punches at just the right moment.

Single player mode involves competing against the computer in order to gain experience points, which are in turn utilized to raise your level.

The multiplayer option allows two, three, or four players to compete against one another. This is Wii Sports at its most immersive and rewarding. Its one thing to pit your skill against a challenging computer player, another to play with living, breathing people whose real-life movements (as well as yours) directly correspond with onscreen gameplay. Of course, each player must have his or her own controller.

With Wii Sports, you can create your own characters and save them for later use. To create your own character, one simply starts with a character from the "Mii channel". The character can then be customized to one's own liking. Some of these characters can be used in games other than Wii Sports.

Many gamers enjoy saving their Wii Sports characters to the Wii remote controller, and will take them to a friend's house, and insert the character into the game at the friend's house. This adds greater personality to the gaming experience.

With raving reviews and even a few awards in the bag, Wii Sports remains THE game for the system.

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