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wii Wii   The Best of The PortsThe Wii console really is the most fun you can have waving your hands around in your living room. Like swatting at invisible mosquitos with a mobile phone, it can look very odd indeed if you're spotted through a window. It does kick some serious rump though. The range of Wii games is always expanding, and thanks to the joys of games being ported over from other consoles, it's getting easier to find your favourites. Now, games are often ported from one console to another for varying reasons. In the case of the Wii, the main reason is usually that the game is popular, and people wish to play it again using Wii controls. It has been found that the Wii can bring new life to a popular yet old game, not to mention beefing up yoru arms with all that waggling. Here are the current three best Wii ports:

#3:Persia: Rival Swords

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Prince of Persia: Rival Swords is a port of the third game in the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Trilogy, entitled Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. It was one of the first Wii ports to effectively implement the Wii motion controls.

Two Thrones chronicles the newest adventure of "Prince", the main character. Besides being able to manipulate time, run up and across walls, kill using stealth, and pull off crazy combat combos, the main hook in the gameplay is being able to turn into Prince's alter ego, Dark Prince, at certain intervals.

Dark Prince is a more powerful, agile version of Prince. The downside is that there is a sand meter constantly going while you're Dark Prince, and in order to keep it full and avoid dying, you have to keep on the move, killing monsters and absorbing their sand.

The Wii version is identical in terms of content, except for the controls. While the initial version would have you simply press the attack button to come up behind an enemy and perform a stealth kill, in the Wii version you tilt downward with the Nunchuk, as an exapmle. The new controls provided a fresh, more exciting way to play the game.

#2: Okami

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Okami is an action-adventure originally released in 2006, starring the sun goddess Amataresu, who journeys in the form of a white wolf. The game boasts a long, japanese myth-driven story, plenty of characters and side-quests, and a whole lot of style.

The Wii version incorperated motion controls in the usual areas, like combat, but also in the area of the main character's "Celestial Brush". Gotta love that term. 'Lovely Celestial Brush, darling. dancy a drink?'

The Celestial Brush is a magical paintbrush the sun goddess uses to manipulate the world around her. Using the Wii remote, players could now wield the brush themselves, making the proper motions to solve certain puzzles and launch attacks. Okami has become just as much(if not more so) an intriguing and beautiful game as it was two years ago.

#1: Resident Evil 4

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Resident Evil 4 is a modern classic. It steered the entire series into a totally new and unfamilar direction. And yet, it worked. I'd prefer it if it had Milla Jovovich in it like the movies, but we can't all have what we want can we?
The game's story involves a european religious cult that has kidnapped the United States President's daughter. But what really counts in this kind of game is the gameplay, and the Wii did for it what no other console could.

The shooting action that RE4 is all about has been perfected, with extremely accurate pointer control and motion controls, and has been heralded as the best way to play Resident Evil.

One of the reasons the game is so intense is that in RE4, you can't shoot while moving. Instead, you must stand still and position yourself, hold down a button to raise your gun, and fire once your enemy is in your sights. With the Wii Remote, the shooting is dramatically more accurate, and the time it takes to aim your weapon much shorter. The result is a superior, appealing control scheme.

Here's hoping the Wii gaming console continues down this road of bring older games to its arena. If nothing else, it'll help some of us work off a few pounds. Having old games turn up in this new way of playing is a greatway of rediscovering some modern classics in a whole new light.

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