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Spectrobes was initially released to the Nintendo DSi to a rather nonplussed set of reviews. The game, which is simular enough to concepts such as Pokemon, sees a galaxy strewn with tiny fossilized creatures (the Spectrobes) which can be discovered and trained, their skills and abilities utilized in battle. This would sound like a dead cert to appeal to younger players and fans of RPGs alike, but the game has so far been viewed to be repetitive and uninspired in its gameplay. However, Nintendo are not ready to rule out this franchise just yet, and have further plans for the Spectrobes.

Spectrobes: Origins sees the first home release for the franchise, bringing it onto the Wii. Viewed as a reboot, or retelling of the beginning of the series; the titular "Origins" bringing us closer to the dawning of this saga. It's rather fitting that the new game is literally a new start for the series because, though it may be a little too soon to tell, it seems that Origins may completely surpass all other Specrobes installments before it.

Heading in the direction of other RPGs lately, random encounters have been dropped in favour of an open field of vision, allowing players to see their enemies and thus choose to attack or evade accordingly. The remote and nunchuk are used to perform a variety of on screen functions, with menus juggled with the C button. Spectrobes are discovered progressively throughout the game, and upto six can be carried at any given time.

Though the Spectrobes will largely attack independently, you can issue further commands to bring forward their devastating abilities. Suffice to say the further you progress along your quest the more impressive your Spectrobes will become. Main character Rallen is not pushover either, and can be commanded to atack using various weapons and skills at disposal.

Theres still a long way to go for Spectrobes, and though the visuals look original and inspired, a further polish is still required. Disney haven't stated a confirmed release date yet, although we're expecting to see it around the end of the year. Until then, lets just hope that the Wii version can bring this franchise, which has so far seen a lot of squandered potential, to the forefront of home gaming.

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