Nintendo Wii: A Cut Above the Rest

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The Nintendo Wii: A Cut Above the Rest

The Nintendo Wii has, in such a commendably short amount of time, become one of the most talked about and successful consoles of all time. Originally feared as a risky departure from the well established gaming system, the Wii has gone on to dominate the market.

Wii gameplay is nothing short of a gaming revolution. For over twenty-five years, gamers were forced to hold a small gamepad or joystick. Both types of the traditional controller were prone to create hand and fingers cramps. Certain kinds of controllers with fairly sharp corners, most notably the Nintendo NES, were proned to drill gouged-out areas on the inside of gamers' hands. Apparently the games were so intriguing that they ignored the pain and kept playing!

A common feature of the traditional controller is they require quick movement of the players' thumbs and in some cases, fingers. While the Wii controllers also contain a few buttons that are controlled by thumbs and fingers, the primary movements are enacted by hand movement. This is a much more natural type of play that is very satisfying to many people.

The Wii controller is utilized in such a way that it will mimic whichever tool one is using through the game. For example, in a fantasy game, one would hold and command the controller as if using a real sword. In a sports game, one would swing in the exact way as one would a tennis racket or golf club.

The Wii has, perhaps most importantly, brought gaming to a much broader audience than ever before. New players can easily grasp the gaming system heralded by the console, whilst seasoned veterns of the industry may well find themselves sucked into the addictive style of new favourites.

Nintendo's newest console and it's Wii Remote technology remain unrivaled, and for the most part, unchallenged. The exceptions are that of Sony's PS3 "Sixaxis" controller, and that was a last-minute deal, just months before the PlayStation 3 was released and not long after the Wii's motion-sensing technology was announced. The Sixasis controller incorporates some of the motion-sensing aspects of the Wii but retains the old familiar controller style.

Also, Microsoft recently announced the development of an Xbox 360 "Remote" that is reported to showcase the same technology as the Wii remote. What this next Xbox "Remote" will deliver in terms of gaming experience remains to be seen.

However, Nintendo are the masters of innovation, and whilst other companies struggle to match what has gone before, Nintendo plan to build on their existing system and improve it even further. This can only mean that even more exciting  things are yet to come from the Wii

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