Wii’s Red Steel

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As the Wii was initially released, it brought with it a range of exclusive titles, such as Red Steel. This game was primarily a FPS wherein the gamer could switch between gun action and sword action by employing the Wii remote or nunchuk. This impressive gameplay generated high excitement all over the videogame community, and therefore the game was amongst the highest selling launch games for Nintendo's console. Producers Ubisoft have finally developed a sequel, and Wii's Red Steel 2 is due out shortly.

Wii's Red Steel 2 is transfering the action from the Mafia oriented mob story of the first game and relocating to a desert area, wherein you play the mysterious 'Swordsman'. Seeking vengeance on a variety of enemies, you battle your way through numerous environments using the same play system as in the original.

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The controls have been fine tuned to a high level with this game. In spite of the high sales of the original, one drawback that was frequently cited by critics was that the controls didn't accurately convey gamer movements to the screen. By using the new WiiMotion Plus Wii's Red Steel 2 hopes to counter this drawback drastically.

Additionally, the title takes a fresh visual style. Rather than the realistic look of the original, Wii's Red Steel 2 is done with a cell shaded design, giving the game an impressively stylised finish. Multiplayer has also been dropped from this title, as Ubisoft state they wanted to put all their effort into making the best single player campaign achievable.

The initial Red Steel was really a flawed masterpiece; it had all the promise to be a great and revolutionary title yet was just defeated by below-par controls. If Wii's Red Steel 2 can rectify this problem, then we might be seeing a truly impressive title.


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