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Not everybody is a hardcore gamer. Not all gamers wish to spend numerous hours each day in front of their Xbox 360 just to finish games, unlock achievements, play multi player matches, and brag about game stats. Also, finishing a game once means opening up extra features or levels, and players may wish to speed through a second sitting to get to the good stuff by using cheats.

Most Microsoft games have Xbox 360 cheats. A majority of them were purposely implemented by the designers themselves to give gamers the option to take the simpler, even though less rewarding, way. Basically, these so-called "Xbox 360 cheats" were placed in games to help developers test out the title during development. It'll be quite difficult looking for bugs while juggling 3 lives and no 1ups, after all.

There are a lot of places on the web where you can find Xbox 360 cheats for the titles you own. Here are four of the most popular internet sites devoted to hosting Xbox 360 cheats:

1. If folk want cheats and codes - including Xbox 360 cheats and codes - they usually come to GameFaqs is a part of the highly popular video gaming website, It's a place where gamers themselves can submit FAQs and Walkthroughs of their favourite games. A number of these documents are very masterfully made. Xbox 360 cheats and codes are also accepted, and are hosted in a special category within the website.

2. CheatCC is the second most popular destination for people who are looking for Xbox 360 cheats. Its database is just as complete as GameFaqs'. However, what makes CheatCC a 2nd placer in numerous books is its shortage of a sense of community amongst its members, something which GameFaqs has attempted to build - successfully at that - throughout the years.

3. The same gamers who make guides for diverse titles often submit their works to either GameFaqs, CheatCC, Gamewinners, or all 3 of them. So it shouldn't be surprising to find the same level of comprehensiveness in all three internet sites when it comes to Xbox 360 cheats.

4. is one of the web's largest computer gaming websites. In reality, across the years, IGN has become an authority site, quoted by many outlets instead of quoting from many sources. has dozens of categories in its pages, among them is a cheats office, and within this department is an area solely devoted to Xbox 360 cheats.

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