Microsoft Step Up and Fix the Red Lights of Death

August 26, 2009 by  

These eventualities are not atypical : Xbox 360 users having nightmares about three red lights, Xbox 360 users being fearful whilst playing time-intensive games as the screen might black out and 3 red lights might flash round the console's power switch, Xbox 360 users existing in constant stress of being ripped from a gripping game over Xbox Live due to the terrible three red lights that may bring down their systems.

Yes, out of all the glitches, issues and faults related to the system, none is more dreaded than the Xbox 360 red lights of death, famously abbreviated as RLOD. The Xbox 360 red lights of death are three red LEDs that flash round the power switch of the console, usually predated by system crashes while playing a game and failure to boot up when the console is reset.

The Xbox 360 'red lights of death' demonstrate what The Microsoft company will only label as'general hardware failure.' Many are convinced that it is merely an euphemism for'We have no idea where we goofed up in creating the 360.' The prevalence of the RLOD Xbox problem is quite worrying. The Microsoft company notes it as 16% of systems released prior to Aug of 2008. Third party estimates run as much as 65%, though. The Xbox 360 red lights of death have now become a selling problem for The Microsoft company. Industry commentators believe that The Microsoft company could have enjoyed 300% more sales if folk were not scared of this possible fault that, for all intentions and purposes, renders the machine useless.

The Microsoft company has implemented steps to relieve the problem :

- The Microsoft company has extended the guaranty of Xbox 360 units to three years, a rare length of time for a video games console. If a console is struck by the Red Ring of Death/Red Lights of Death and it's still under guaranty, the user can telephone in his fault and he will be asked to send back the faulty console. After a little time, The Microsoft company will send a new Xbox for the customer to get back gaming with.

- The Microsoft company has constantly upgraded its chipset and motherboard designs used. At present, the Jasper chipset is being utilized on current Xbox 360 consoles, and as yet, reports of the Xbox 360 red lights of death are non-existent.


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