Our Top 5 Xbox 360 Wallpapers!

July 21, 2009 by  

One of the finest features of current consoles, particularly the Microsoft Xbox 360, is the wide array of customization options they provide for users. Xbox 360 wallpapers are prime examples of this. No two Xbox 360 dashboards have to look the same because owners have a wide choice of wallpapers to use as backgrounds.

Additionally, creating Xbox 360 wallpapers is very easy. Anyone that has access to a photo manipulation software program like Adobe Photoshop can actually make their very own wallpaper, based totally on his or her very own design.  There are thousands of Xbox 360 wallpapers you can freely download from diverse websites. Below are the five coolest Xbox 360 wallpapers we have encountered :

1. An image of the Covenant from Halo banqueting on the corpse of Mario. It would be funnier if Masterchief was there but declined to give a helping hand.

2. Marcus Fenix ripping Kratos apart. The face of the Gears of War shows the God of War icon who's boss.

3 Gordon Freeman, Masterchief, Marcus Fenix, and Alan Wake replacing the 4 survivors from Left 4 Dead. Talk about cool! 4 of the Xbox 360's biggest and most recognizable characters taking on a regiment of the undead in one of the Xbox 360's greatest games. Many fans view this as the mother of all Xbox 360 wallpapers.

4. Left 4 Dead featuring children in a playground warding off the advancing throng of zombie bullies. This isn't actually something created by Xbox 360 wallpaper enthusiasts but by famous artist Jason Chan. The image was so unique that it instantly became one of the most downloaded Xbox 360 wallpapers since its release.

5. Raiden's face signifying the approach of Metal Gear Solid : Rising to the Xbox 360. Sure, it's an image you have seen 1,000,000 times by this point. However, it is an image that screams to be a part of the library of great Xbox 360 wallpapers. The coming of the Metal Gear Solid franchise to the Xbox 360 is a humongous event, and Raiden is just badass, so what better way to celebrate than by uploading and using its most prominent teaser image as your wallpaper?

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